The Weirdest, Randomest, and Most Entertaining Things I’ve Seen While Traveling

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Buzz and Woody on the Car

Enroute to Boston

This is my absolute favorite thing I have ever seen on the road, EVER. Just the obsessive (I’m not judging) Disney World stickers alone make it great, but get a load of that Buzz and Woody hanging off the back of the bumper…just like in the movie!

I remember driving closer to this van, staring at it like…is that?…nooo…it can’t be…it is!

And then Jason had to slow down so I could pull out my phone and grab a picture.

Puppy Wearing Goggles

Enroute to Florida

You have to look really, really closely, but if you do, you (hopefully) will be able to see the ADORABLE little puppy riding shot gun with this dude on his motorcycle, complete with an aviator helmet and goggles.

I was trying to be discreet in my stalker-esque photo taking, but he noticed anyway and waved on his way by. I mean, if I had a stinkin’ cute puppy like that riding with me, I suppose I would expect the paparazzi too.

A Man and His Dog Sing a Duet

Queenstown, NZ

I loved seeing this in downtown Queenstown, NZ. This photo was taken just after the troubadour finished singing his song, throughout which his dog was howling along with him! SO adorable!

When I sent this picture to my friend, she immediately asked, “How come this isn’t a video??”

Shoot! Missed opportunity. But still, you can imagine.

The Dumpster Piano

Queenstown, NZ

This is me, putting money into my favorite troubadour’s box in downtown Queenstown. He was playing the most beautiful song on this piano that he saved from a dump and refurbished.

He also had dreadlocks.

If you zoom in on the sign, you can see that it says, “This piano came from a dump. I restored, repaired and retuned it in a something (can’t quite make out that word) self inflicted pain something apprenticeship.”

So that’s cool.

Ramblin’ Dan and the Professor World Band

Boston, MA

I am very into troubadours, if you haven’t picked up on that already. I could easily pass an afternoon sitting in the Boston Commons and listening to hipster guys play their guitars.

But then there’s this. I couldn’t tell if it was actually an instrument or a stand selling toys until we were right up next to it. And yes, it is an instrument.

And it spins.

This is by far the most fantastic troubadour instrument I have ever seen. Kudos Ramblin’ Dan! Keep up the good work!

Doctor Who Sighting

Dunedin, NZ

I’m not a huge fan of the show (I know, I’m a nerd in every other category), but I know enough to know a dalek when I see one (the big green thing, for those who don’t know enough).

We saw this group of people (on a photo shoot? Or maybe just walking around…) at the bottom of Baldwin St.—the steepest residential street in the world in Dunedin, NZ.

“In the awto, there’s a zombie!”

Queenstown, NZ

Imagine that being shouted in some unique European accent. I actually had no idea what this kid was telling his mom until I saw this.


In the auto there’s a zombie.

Got it.

Whatever you are, be sure to check out Upside Down Escapes if you’re in the Boston-ish area!


Taunton, MA

This is the sign (one of the signs) on the bathroom door at Upside Down Escape Games in Taunton, Massachusetts.

When you walk in the door and this is the first thing you see, you know you are in for an… amusing time.

Upside Down Escapes is by far the best (of the 5) escape rooms I have been to. Plus it’s owned by my cousin, so there may be some family loyalty there…

But seriously. This escape room is so weird and detailed and insane and amusing. I actually understand a little more why my cousin is so obsessed with escape rooms.

Road Sign Flowers

Meadville, PA

Since my dad grew up in Meadville, PA, I spent a lot of time going there as a kid to see my relatives (and go to Eddie’s and Hank’s!).

I was super excited one time, when I realized there was a flower built along the road, made out of old road signs!

The next time we came, we made sure to bring our disposable film camera to get some pictures, and what do you know, but there were more! A whole field of road sign flowers!

Eventually, they ran out of room on the little hill, so they started building scenes along the fence that ran beside the road. My favorites are the ferris wheel and the beach scene.

It turns out Pennsylvania is full of weird & random things!

So click here to see my whole list of roadside oddities in PA!

But Is It Art…?

Philadelphia, PA

As an “art” major, this was the constant question. We even had a whole class devoted to the subject.

I am firmly of the belief that everything has the potential to be art. So I can’t help myself when I see something funky like this trash can in downtown Philadelphia. I just have to photograph it and validate it as art.

It’s Art

Indianapolis, IN

These are two fun sculptures that you can actually touch (and climb on!) in Indianapolis.

The tire swing is located downtown along the canal, a fun place to spend a sunny afternoon exploring.

The bench is in the gardens outside of the Indianapolis Museum of Art (which are free to explore!). And yes, it is a bench. It’s also a slide.

And it is incredibly hard to sit on (notice me trying to hold myself up).

Figurine Carpet

Indianapolis Museum of Art

This was also seen at the IMA, as part of a rotating exhibit. From far away, it looks like a carpet.

Then you get up close…

And it’s really just a bunch of little figurines holding up a piece of glass!

Who says art is boring??

Florida in a Nut Shell

Tampa, FL

My aunt (who is retired in Florida) said this scene just about sums up Florida: walkers and beaches!

I just hope whoever belonged to this walker found their way back!

Sitting too close to the tide seemed to be a theme that day…

Vending Machine Razor Blade

Somewhere in Ohio

A few months after we graduated from college, my old roommate and I met up to watch the third installment of The Hobbit.

Being recent college grads, I obviously booked the cheapest (and sketchiest!) hotel I could find.

Now, I know hotels like to offer you the toiletries you forgot… but I’ve never seen them available in the vending machine. Next to the Twix…

Ella the Elephant

Portland, NY

I was looking for places around my area to do a family photo shoot. So I googled places to take pictures near Jamestown, and I came up with this.

It’s a giant pink elephant.

It’s literally just a giant pink elephant. In the middle of a vineyard.

“Ella” the Elephant can be found at the entrance to 21 Brix Winery in Portland, NY. Being in the middle of nowhere, people tended to drive by and park at the wrong place. So they found a giant elephant and put it out by the road.

And then they painted it pink.

“Ella” also has a friend (though not quite as noticeable!) “Barry” the Buffalo.

More to come as we travel more!

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