How to Get to Mini Golf at Disney World

Directions for using free transportation to get to mini golf at Disney World

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Mini Golf at Disney

How many mini golf courses does Walt Disney World have?

There are 2 mini golf courses at Walt Disney World:

Each of these golf courses actually have two 18-hole mini golf courses to choose from, so altogether there are actually 4 mini golf courses at Disney!

  • Winter Summerland-Snow Course

  • Winter Summerland-Sand Course

  • Fantasia Gardens

  • Fantasia Fairways

Winter Summerland Mini Golf at Disney

Is Winter Summerland open at Disney?

You may be wondering if the Disney mini golf course Winter Summerland is open right now, because its corresponding water park, Blizzard Beach is currently closed for refurbishments.

Yes, Winter Summerland mini golf at Disney is open. BUT, there is currently no free transportation running to Blizzard Beach/Winter Summerland mini golf. So you will have to take an Uber or a rental car to get to Winter Summerland until Blizzard Beach reopens.

  • When will Blizzard Beach reopen? From what I can tell via the internet, Disney has started alternating water parks, with Typhoon Lagoon being open mainly in the spring and summer months, and Blizzard Beach being open during the holiday season.

How to get to Winter Summerland Mini Golf at Disney World:

  • Take the bus from your resort hotel to Animal Kingdom Park.

  • Take the bus from Animal Kingdom to Blizzard Beach Water Park.

    • (Bus Stop 6 at Animal Kingdom)

  • Walk from the bus stop toward the entrance to Blizzard Beach.

  • The water park will be to the left, mini golf will be to the right (you will notice the giant snowcastle).

Please Note: At this time, most resorts do not have direct bus access to Blizzard Beach Water Park. But if you are staying at one of the Animal Kingdom resorts, you can take a bus directly to Blizzard Beach.

If Blizzard Beach isn’t open: If Blizzard Beach is not open, Disney will not be running transportation there, so you will have to get a ride share service or drive yourself to Winter Summerland mini golf at Disney.

The entrance to Winter Summerland, as seen from the bus stop.

Winter Summerland mini golf.

Cost: $19 per person

Hours: 10am-10pm

  • Please Note: While Winter Summerland is open till 10, Blizzard Beach is only open until 5 or 6 pm (seasonally), and bus transportation will stop approximately half an hour after the park closes.

The two mini golf courses at Winter Summerland

The Snow Course

Both courses were very similar. They were full of whimsical, Whoville-esque scenes and fun obstacles.

Be prepared for Christmas music playing in the background while you’re there. Also be on the lookout for random bursts of water or “snow.”

The Sand Course

We played this course, just because there was a shorter wait time. We were here just before Blizzard Beach opened, so a lot of people were mini golfing while they waited for the water park. The cast members will give a 5 minute buffer between each group.

Similar to the winter side, look out for water or the snow machine. The music was a mixture of classic Christmas tunes and the Beach Boys.

  • These two golf courses combine in “Santa’s Workshop” for the last few holes.

The winter course snowcastle.

The summer course sandcastle.

Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf at Disney

How to get to Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf at Disney World:

  • Take the bus from your resort hotel to Hollywood Studios.

  • Take the boat from Hollywood Studios to the Swan & Dolphin Hotel.

  • From the boat dock, turn left toward the Swan Hotel.

  • Then turn right, and follow the signs for “Fantasia Gardens.”

  • You will follow the sidewalk up and around the hotel.

  • Take the crosswalk across Epcot Resorts Blvd.

  • Fantasia Gardens is to your left after you cross the street. You will see the new Swan Reserve hotel to the right.

Please Note: If you are coming from Disney Springs or another theme park, you can take the bus to either the Boardwalk or the Yacht/Beach Club.

You can then take the boat or walk to the Swan & Dolphin from there.

The cross walk from the Swan & Dolphin to Fantasia Gardens (facing the Swan & Dolphin).

The entrance to Fantasia Gardens mini golf.

Cost: $19 per person

Hours: 10am-10pm

  • Please Note: The Fantasia Fairways course closes at 9pm.

The two golf courses at Fantasia

Fantasia Gardens

This is a fun, obstacle-filled golf course for mini golfers of all skill levels (AKA: me). There is background music from Fantasia playing, and, like Winter Summerland, several surprise fountains to look out for.

We found it more challenging and interesting than the Winter Summerland course. Of the two of them, this was our favorite.

Fantasia Fairways

If you want the “professional” golf experience at Disney without actually paying to use one of the real golf courses, this is the place for you!

This is literally a “mini” golf course. A golf course. But mini.

With holes ranging in length from 63-109 ft. long (but still shy of the 459 1/2 ft. at the world’s longest mini golf hole!), sand traps and bunkers, this is a course for serious (if there are any!) mini golfers.

Fantasia Gardens.

Fantasia Fairways.

Other Helpful Information:

Do you get a discount for playing both mini golf courses?

Yes, you can get a discount for playing both courses of mini golf at Disney! But be sure to save your receipt!

If you play one course, you can get 25% off any subsequent courses you play that same day or the next (with proof of purchase).

How much are the lockers?

Lockers are available to hold your backpacks while you play (unless you’re carrying your camera equipment around with you to take pictures for your blog…).

Lockers are $5, but you get $2 back when you return the key (so actually, they’re $3!)

Look out for fake snow at Winter Summerland!

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Any other questions?

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