The Beginner’s Guide to Overseas Trip Planning

A guide for how to plan a trip overseas for the first time. Where to start, things to watch out for, ideas of what to pack, and more!

KÜHL Travel Pants Review

My honest review of the amazingly comfy free travel pants I got from KÜHL!

The Most Random and Entertaining Things Seen While Traveling

Just a picture list of all the weirdest and random things I’ve seen while traveling. Just for your entertainment. And mine.

The Travel Food Bucket List

The ultimate list of “place specific” foods to try on your travels. For instance, why did we go to Boston? Precisely to eat Boston Cream Pie.

The Best Donuts in the U.S.

A list rating the best donut shops we’ve tried on our travels, as well as a few recommendations and to be tried spots.

Themed Road Trip Ideas

Ideas of things to do on vacation and unique activities to plan your next road trip around.

Themed Weekend (or any day) Ideas for Stay at Home Days

A list of ideas (and suggestions for creating your own ideas!) of what to do if you find yourself stuck at home and unable to travel for an unforeseeable amount of time (#quarantine).

How to Throw a Hobbit Party

Lord of the Rings favors, hobbit themed food, Middle Earth costumes, decorations and more! Everything you need to know to plan the perfect hobbit party, for a birthday, or just for fun!

What is an Escape Room?

You keep hearing about these escape rooms, but you’ve never actually done one! And (if you’re me) you’re afraid to, because what the heck actually is it??? All your questions answered!

The Best Travel Books to Read

A list of my personal, travel-themed book recommendations to ignite your wanderlust!

Your Complete Guide to a Total Solar Eclipse

What to expect during a total solar eclipse, ideas for throwing a watch party, and tips for traveling to see the next eclipse!

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