The Travel Food Bucket List

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Boston Cream Pie

in Downtown Boston

This has long been on my bucket list. It just struck my fancy one day to have Boston Cream Pie in downtown Boston.

I’ve always loved the city of Boston, with its classic historic buildings mixed with its modern vibe. I may not be a fan of their sports teams, but the city itself is one of my favorites to visit (plus I have nearby relatives, which is a win).

We went to Mike’s Pastry to get our pie (and cannolis). Apparently there is a huge debate as to whether Mike’s or Modern Pastry (which is also right across the street) has the better dessert. If you have the time (and the stomach) you could easily check them both out and decide for yourself.

Philly Cheesesteak

in Downtown Philly

Super high quality cell phone pic!

No offense to Philly, but I’ve never been quite as attracted to the city as I have been to Boston (nor as much to steak as I am to cake), but we did happen to be in the area for a wedding, so of course we had to explore the city!

Also, watching “National Treasure” before we went, and having the tour guide reference it made the experience better.

We wanted to visit one of the two “original” restaurants (it seems like there’s always 2 that fight over this…), but they were too far from the downtown area and we were running out of time. So we walked to the closest place, which was Sonny’s. And I gotta say, I’ve had better. But still, eating a Philly cheesesteak in the park beneath the shadow of Independence Hall is pretty fun.

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Buffalo Wings

in Buffalo

I grew up on Buffalo wings (being a western NY native). But it wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties that I visited the “original” restaurant in Buffalo, NY where they were invented. At least the most famous one that claims ownership (told you, there’s always 2).

People will argue as to whether the best wings come from Anchor Bar, or Duff’s. Me, I’m not a wing connoisseur, but I did like Duff’s better. However, Anchor Bar has the “story” of the chicken wing on their menu, so that gives it bonus points in my mind.

  • Buffalo Bills’ quarterback Josh Allen’s favorite wings are the Bar-Bill’s!

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Key Lime Pie

In the Florida Keys

This Key lime tart is from Olivia’s Cafe at Disney’s Old Key West Resort.

I still haven’t actually achieved this one… but I did try the Key lime tart at Disney’s Old Key West Resort, so that almost counts (and it was delicious!).

Someday I hope to take a road trip through the Florida Keys and try all the best spots so I can decide who really has the best Key lime pie!

Until then, here are some of the stops I plan to make, so check them out for yourselves, and let me know what you think:

Yorkshire Pudding

in York

In the US, “pudding” is a specific dessert, something along the lines of a custard.

In the UK, “pudding” generally refers to any and all desserts.

So naturally, Yorkshire pudding is a bread that’s filled with savory foods, usually beef, vegetables and gravy…

I’m still not quite exactly sure what it is, but ours (which just had gravy and onions) was delicious. We ate at the cutest half-timbered pub just outside of the Shambles in York, called Gert & Henry’s. Another good place to try is The York Roast Co., home of the famous “Yorky Pud wrap.”

Something Crazy & Deep Fried

at the State Fair

Deep fried pumpkin pie

Behold, the cotton candy burrito!

Technically this isn’t a “place specific” food, as in, named for where it was invented. But it’s pretty place specific as in there are some weird combos you can only get at a state fair. And until I was 27, I had never been to a state fair. So I really wanted to go and try something.

My personal favorite menu item was “The Mighty Twinx.” A Twix bar, stuffed in a Twinkie, wrapped in bacon and deep fried! I did not try this…but I would! Instead I chose to go for the milder deep fried pumpkin pie, being already slightly full from the cotton candy burrito.

Yes, the cotton candy burrito. Ice cream, wrapped in cotton candy! It sounds weird, but it was actually delicious! We heard about it on the radio as we were driving up to the fair and we thought, we must find this and try it! I was a bit skeptical of the mint flavored ice cream Jason picked out…but it was actually SO good! Grasshopper Pie ice cream, m&ms and cotton candy. It wasn’t even too sticky to hold.

Plus, it comes with a unicorn skewer, so that’s a win.

Try the Grey Stuff!


Be Our Guest Restaurant, Magic Kingdom

Belle is my favorite princess. AND I love eating “themed” food. So obviously I had to try the grey stuff from the song “Be Our Guest.”

Pre-Covid, you could get a quick service meal for breakfast or lunch at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom, Disney World. After seeing the price of dinner…this was the obvious choice.

But… they no longer offer quick service meals. Lunch & dinner are the same 3-course offerings.

But… if you’re already committed to trying the grey stuff, you have to treat yourself to a three course dinner at your favorite princess’ castle!

But… if you tell them you have a food allergy, they might bring your husband the traditional dessert “trio:” a chocolate truffle, a macaron, and the grey stuff, and then hand you a plate with three macarons…

The poor waitress. I told her “Really! I’m not that allergic! You have to bring me the grey stuff!” She wasn’t sure what to do exactly, but she finally brought me what I would call the “blue stuff.” Because apparently I had convinced everyone in the kitchen that I was allergic to the food coloring…

Anyway, all that to say that I did try the grey stuff (but I had to photograph Jason’s!). AND I found out that you can now buy the grey stuff cupcake at Gaston’s Tavern for waaaaay cheaper. And since the grey stuff is basically the consistency of frosting, and was kind of weird to eat on its own, I think that probably would have been the better choice.

But still… I tried the grey stuff!

The Foods I Have Yet to Try

Here is the rest of my bucket list, places I want to travel to, just to say I ate “this” food there. If you think of any ideas that I’ve missed, be sure to let me know in the comments below!

  • Mississippi Mud Pie along the Mississippi River

  • Baked Alaska in Alaska

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken in Kentucky

  • Black Forest Cake in the Black Forest in Germany

  • A Belgian Waffle in Belgium

  • A taco in Mexico

  • Pizza in Italy

  • A crêpe in Paris

  • And also Ratatouille in Paris. Because of the movie.

Now please enjoy this meme of The Office, which basically sums up my entire life’s goal:



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