How to Get to the Boardwalk at Disney World

How to get to the boardwalk at Disney from your own Disney resort, if you’re not staying at the Boardwalk Resort

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Disney's Boardwalk Resort

This is probably the best resort to visit at Walt Disney World, even if you’re not staying there. I like to stay at the value (AKA affordable) resorts, and go resort hoppingto visit all the fancy ones.

Disney’s Boardwalk Resort is worth a stop because… well… it’s a boardwalk.

It’s a great place to spend the evening eating food, playing games and enjoying the free entertainment.

The only problem is, if you’re not staying at the resort, it can be a bit tricky to navigate the Disney transportation to and from your own resort. But that’s why I’m here! To tell you how to get to the Boardwalk Resort at Walt Disney World.

How to get to the Boardwalk Resort video:

How to Get to Disney's Boardwalk Resort

The boardwalk on the back of Disney’s Boardwalk Resort.

There are several ways to get to the Boardwalk Resort at Disney. From most Disney resorts, the first step is to go to Hollywood Studios. From here you have three different options for how to get to the boardwalk:

  • Ride the boat

  • Ride the skyliners

  • Take the walking path

These are the best methods to get to the boardwalk if you are staying at any Disney Resort that is not already connected to a Skyliner. If you are at one of those resorts (more info below), then getting to the boardwalk is very easy!

Get to Disney's Boardwalk Resort by Boat

This is how to get to Disney’s Boardwalk Resort by boat transportation:

  • Take the bus from your resort to Hollywood Studios.

  • Walk from the buses to the boat dock (ahead & on the right)

  • Take the boat from Hollywood Studios to the Boardwalk Resort.

The boat dock at Hollywood Studios, as seen coming from the bus stop.

To get back to your own resort at the end of your time at the Boardwalk, simply do this in reverse. Take the boat back to Hollywood Studios, and grab a bus from there back to your own resort.

Get to Disney's Boardwalk by Skyliner

Now that Disney has added the skyliner as a new form of transportation, there is another way to get to the Boardwalk at Disney. Just like for the boat transportation, you will take the bus from your resort to Hollywood Studios, and pick up the skyliners there.

This is my favorite way to get to the Boardwalk Resort, but don’t choose this method if you are afraid of heights!

This is how to get to Disney’s Boardwalk Resort by skyliner:

  • Take the bus to Hollywood Studios.

  • Take the skyliner to the Caribbean Beach Resort.

  • Take the skyliner from the Caribbean Beach Resort to EPCOT (back entrance).

    • The skyliner will stop at the Riviera Resort, but just stay seated and don’t get off.

  • Walk to the boardwalk. Head right, away from EPCOT, and then keep to the left for the boardwalk resort.

This is the back entrance to EPCOT, so you cannot access the buses to any other resort here, but you can walk to the boardwalk, as well as the Yacht & Beach Clubs.

The Boardwalk will be ahead and to the left, the Yacht & Beach Clubs will be straight ahead. You will be able to see the boardwalk from the path.

It is not quite as direct as taking the boat, but it is a fun way to get there if you want to ride the skyliner gondolas (which are super fun to ride!).

You could ride the boat there and the skyliner back, or vice versa, if you want.

Things to Know about the Skyliners

  • If you are afraid of heights, do not ride the skyliners.

    • They glide along above the highway, and sometimes slow down and stop. Because they have open airflow, you can hear the traffic below you as they go along. This is not a good mode of transportation if you’re afraid of heights!

  • The skyliner stops at the Riviera Resort, but you do not have to get off.

    • If you are already on the skyliner, just stay on until you get to EPCOT.

  • The trip from the Riviera Resort to EPCOT is the longest Skyliner route.

    • It always tends to slow down to almost a stand still at some points along this route.

  • Be sure to have your camera ready as you pass over EPCOT.

    • You can get some fabulous aerial views, if you are in a gondola without a picture on the side.

  • Some gondolas have pictures on the outside.

    • This will obscure your view and make it hard to get good pictures.

  • If there is lightning, the Skyliners will shut down.

    • Bus transportation will be provided instead of the skyliner.

Get to the Boardwalk Resort by Walking

Walking path from Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park to Disney’s Boardwalk Resort.

If for some reason you find yourself at Hollywood Studios and you don’t want to take the boat or the skyliner over to the Boardwalk Resort, you can walk over.

There is a walking trail just after where you get dropped off by the buses which is very easy to follow. It is just a short walk to the Boardwalk Resort, about 10-15 minutes.

This is how to get to Disney’s Boardwalk Resort by walking:

  • Take the bus to Hollywood Studios.

  • Take the walking trail on the right, just after the bus stop and just before the bathrooms.

  • Follow the signs to the boardwalk promenade, on the back of the resort.

Get to the Boardwalk by Bus

The best ways to get to the boardwalk at Disney are to go to Hollywood Studios and follow any of the three methods listed above. But you can also get to the boardwalk by bus.

This is a good method if you are coming from one of the other parks, or if you are at Disney Springs.

This is how to get to Disney’s Boardwalk Resort by bus:

  • Take a bus from your resort to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom or Disney Springs.

  • Take a bus from there directly to the Boardwalk Resort.

Then use one of the previously listed methods (in reverse) to get back to your own resort. Or take the bus back to Disney Springs.

Other Options for Getting to the Boardwalk

The shared skyliner station for Pop Century & the Art of Animation Resorts.

If you’re already staying at any of these resorts:

  • Disney’s Riviera Resort

  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

  • Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

  • Disney’s Pop Century Resort

This is how to get to Disney’s Boardwalk Resort:

  • Take the skyliner to EPCOT.

    • (This will take you to the back entrance of EPCOT)

  • Walk to the boardwalk. Head right, away from EPCOT, and then to the left.

If you’re staying at these resorts:

  • The Swan Hotel

  • The Dolphin Hotel

  • The Yacht Club

  • The Beach Club

Then you’re very lucky, and all you have to do is walk around the lake. Or, if you want, you can also take the boat across.

The boat transportation from the Yacht & Beach Clubs to the Boardwalk Resort.

If you’re at EPCOT:

You can walk to the Boardwalk Resort from EPCOT. Just exit the park by the skyliners, near the France pavilion of the World Showcase.

You are now at the same place you would be if you had taken the skyliners to the boardwalk, so just walk ahead and to the left to the Boardwalk Resort. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a break from EPCOT for an hour or two!

  • You can also head over to Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club and get some delicious ice cream!

When you’re ready, you can head back into EPCOT by the back entrance where you exited the park. You will just have to go through security again.

Things to Do at Disney's Boardwalk Resort

There are so many great things to do at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort! Be sure to check out the recreation sign which will be posted in or near the lobby, that lists all the fun activities available for the month.

Here are some of the other things you can expect to see or do at the Boardwalk resort:

  • Carnival games

  • Rent a surrey bike

  • Dance

  • Go shopping

  • Pin trading

  • Photo booths

  • Eat LOTS of food (so many options!)

  • If you’re lucky, see entertainers telling jokes/doing tricks!

Since you’re here, you can also walk or take the boat over to the Swan & Dolphin Resorts, where you can easily walk to the Fantasia Gardens mini golf course.

Now you know how to get to Disney’s Boardwalk Resort, and all the fun things to do there!

Find out more about how (and why) to go resort hopping to ALL the different resorts at Walt Disney World, including how to get to each one!

Any other questions?

If you have any more questions about how to get to the Boardwalk at Disney or things to do at the Boardwalk, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or comment below!

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