KÜHL Travel Pants Review

A review of my amazingly comfy KÜHL travel pants

Just chilling in my KÜHL travel pants.

I guess I’m at the point in my travel blogging career where I get free things (and I’m ok with this).

So when the good people at KÜHL asked if I wanted to review their travel pants, I obviously said yes!

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect from these pants. Yes, I usually wear pants… But I usually wear $20 pants.

These are not $20 pants.

What could possibly make a pair of pants worth more than $20, you ask (besides inflation I mean…)? Well, you’re about to find out!

About KÜHL

Hanging out outdoors in my KÜHL travel pants.

KÜHL is an independently owned, outdoor clothing company. Their goal is to make the best possible outdoor gear, so that it will inspire you to get out and explore!

They remain fiercely loyal to their goals and their independence, so they can bring their customers the best products, give their employees the best work environment, and their community the best value.

Reading their manifesto will just make you want to go out and climb a mountain!

What kind of products does KÜHL have?

KÜHL has a variety of products. They’ve got travel pants, hiking shorts, dresses made for exploring, vests, jackets, hats, backpacks, and even posters.

They have things for men and women, and yes, you are allowed to buy these amazingly comfy hiking pants, even if you don’t hike (like me!).

What KÜHL product did I get?

I’ll admit I was surprised when an outdoor clothing company contacted me. They know I don’t actually hike… right?

I mean, I did buy those super cute hiking boots that were on sale that one time (see expertly worn hiking boots in photo!) fully with the intention of (someday) hiking. I have grand dreams of hiking in Yosemite and watching the sun rise over the mountains… Again, someday.

Anyway, while I don’t hike a lot, I do travel. And as I said, KÜHL doesn’t just make pants for hiking (and you don’t have to be a hiker to wear them). So I got the 9" KONTOUR FLEX DENIM SKINNY travel pants.

Because they look like jeans.

Which means I can wear them anywhere, posing as just ordinary jeans, but in reality they are the comfiest pair of pants that you ever did see.

And they make you want to climb a mountain.

KÜHL Travel Pants Review

There are a lot of things to consider when buying new clothes, especially if you’re going to be ordering them online. So I broke my KÜHL travel pants review into three sections, to better give you an idea of what you get from these pants.

Review of Sizes & Styles

There are so many different styles to choose from! I had a hard time deciding what KÜHL travel pant I wanted. I love how many different options they give you. There is truly something for every style.

I ultimately went with the 9" KONTOUR FLEX DENIM SKINNY jeans, because they naturally fit in with my general style, which is me in my skinny jeans and boots posing as a hipster in a coffee shop (drinking decaf, because I literally won’t sleep!).

What I especially love about my KÜHL travel pants is the length! They offer three different length options for the inseam. Being tall for a girl, I have a hard time finding pants that are long enough for me. I have an even harder time finding pants that are long enough for me to roll up the way I like (like a hipster!).

But with the 32" inseam, these pants are more than long enough for me to wear them the way I like! And if you’re not tall like me, there are two shorter options to choose from, so you can really customize the size you’re getting.

They also have drawstrings inside the pants, so if the size you order is a little too big (not a problem for me, since I may have overestimated my motivation to keep working out after the Disney Princess Run…) you can adjust it without a belt!

Review of Comfort

Ok, so I can see how the travel pants that look like they’re made of soft, silky fabric can be super comfy, but I was skeptical that any pair of jeans could be as comfortable as they claimed.

But these are definitely the comfiest pants I own!

I fell in love with my travel pants when I wore them for a photo shoot. I was photographing an event, and continually walking around, squatting down, and moving to all different angles. These pants moved with me like a charm.

In fact, they made me want to move even more. So when I say wearing these pants makes me want to climb a mountain, I mean that wearing these pants makes me want to climb a mountain! They are so comfortable when I move, that I just feel like I should be moving more.

Review of Price

So… ultimately… is it worth the cost?

These KÜHL travel pants cost just over $100. I could never imagine spending $100 on pants… But then I wore these. And I found myself considering buying another pair in black for when I work or photograph weddings.

These are literally a dream to work in. Would I spend $100+ on a pair of pants? Well, I wouldn’t buy a whole closet full, but for one good solid pair of pants to work in, yes, I would make that investment.

I don’t know how they do it, but these KÜHL travel pants are the comfiest pants ever. And you still look good in them!

The KÜHL 9" KONTOUR FLEX DENIM SKINNY. And my cute hiking boots. Because I hike…