The Best Western NY Road Trip From Buffalo

A 1-week road trip from Buffalo, NY, with all the best that western New York has to offer!

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A Western NY Road Trip

Let me just start off by saying that western New York is not New York City (seriously… we’re sensitive about this)!

And while NYC does have a lot to offer, the rest of the state does too.

As a western NY native, I’ve put together the best itinerary for an 8-day road trip from Buffalo through all that western NY has to offer. This itinerary includes everything you’ll need, from where to stay, to what to eat, to what to do.

In case you’re not convinced that this area is worth visiting, let me just throw this out there:

Why western NY is worth visiting:

  • Maple syrup

  • Niagara Falls

  • Buffalo wings

  • Amazing fall foliage

  • Best (and oldest) state parks in the country

  • Unique museums

  • Cool people live(d) here (like me!) (and actual famous people)

  • Wegmans

Are you convinced (if not, just scroll through some of the pictures below and you will be)?

So let’s get ready. We’re about to embark on the absolute best road trip from Buffalo through western NY!

Visit the 3 BEST state parks on this road trip from Buffalo:


About Western NY

What is Considered Western New York?

This is actually pretty confusing. I was Googling it just to see if everything I list here in this article technically falls into “western NY,” and I couldn’t find a straight answer.

I’ll let you peruse the Wikipedia rundown of western NY if you want, but at the end of the day, I consider basically anything west of Rochester to be western NY.

Which means this itinerary does slightly cross the borders of known territory, into the great unknown of the Finger Lakes Region… But for all intensive purposes, we can consider the western Finger Lakes to be part of our western NY road trip.

What is Western NY Known For?

Buffalo wings.

And snow.

That pretty much sums it up…

But wait! There’s so much more here! Because of all the lakes, the area is ideal for growing grapes, and you will find a lot of vineyards along Lakes Erie and Ontario, as well as the Finger Lakes (FLX) region. Also, did I mention Wegmans???

Many of the places we are going to stop on our road trip from Buffalo are famous for reasons you probably don’t even know (so keep reading to find out!).

The Best Time of Year to Visit

Every season has its perks, but the best time of year to visit western NY is the fall.

September and October are the best months to come. Kids will be back to school, but the weather is still (relatively) warm, the leaves are starting to change and all of the fall activities are in full swing.

  • Come in September for the best chance of warm weather.

  • Come in mid-October for the best fall foliage.

If you’re coming for the outdoor activities, especially Niagara Falls, you really can’t beat the summer weather though.

Or come in the winter for skiing or tubing. If you’re lucky, it can look like a magical winter wonderland! If you’re unlucky… you might get snowed in in Buffalo and have to stay a few more days…

I would just say to pretty much skip all of January-March. It’s just clouds and slush and cold… Actually, April too. The best time of year to road trip through western NY would be between May-October.

Road Trip Route

Map created using Wanderlog, a trip planner app on iOS and Android

This 8-day road trip route goes from Buffalo south to Jamestown, and then east across the state to the FLX and Rochester before returning to Buffalo. It covers approximately 475 miles!

The road trip is 8 days, including travel days, so you can easily fly Saturday-Saturday and only take one week off of work.

You can also start this road trip on any day, so if you wanted to fly into Rochester, instead of Buffalo, or if you live close enough to drive, start anywhere along the road trip route!

Day 1-Buffalo

Fly into Buffalo

For day 1, we’re going to fly into the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. It’s a very small airport, but to me, it’s home (I also happen to know two of the crazy Bills fans pictured on the wall!). Another perk of such a small airport is that it’s rather difficult to get lost in!

Pick up a rental car at the airport.

Why is it Called Buffalo?

The city of Buffalo was named after the river that flowed through it, Buffalo Creek (now Buffalo River). There is much debate over how the river got the name “Buffalo.”

  • Check out this article by the Buffalo History Museum if you would like to learn all the theories and pick a side in the great debate!

Be sure to look out for the many buffalo statues hanging around town!

Where to Stay in Buffalo

We will be staying in Buffalo for 2 nights.

  • Buffalo Marriott Harborcenter-Just across from Canalside in downtown Buffalo and within walking distance of many great restaurants and activities. It is a great location to base yourself in for exploring the city of Buffalo.

  • Red Coach Inn-If you want to stay in Niagara Falls, instead of Buffalo, this is the iconic place to stay. The Tudor style hotel has been welcoming guests of the falls for a hundred years (including the entire Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin)! It is right on the edge of the state park, so you can easily walk from your hotel to the falls.

Things to Do in Buffalo

Hopefully you have some time after your flight lands to be able to experience the city a little. If not, you can always add another day in Buffalo either at the beginning or end of your trip.

Here are some great things to do in Buffalo, NY:

What to Eat in Buffalo:

  • Buffalo Wings. Obviously.

  • Beef on Weck-an iconic western NY dish. You can find it on pretty much any menu.

Day 2-Niagara Falls & North Tonawanda

I’m sorry… North Tona-what-now?

I’m sure you’ve heard of Niagara Falls. I’m also pretty sure you haven’t heard of North Tonawanda. Don’t worry. We’ll get to that.

But first, breakfast.

Start with Breakfast

  • 5 Points Bakery-For the hipster who wants a unique slice of toast on some homemade artisan bread.

  • Paula’s Donuts-For the donut lovers out there (let me see your hands…!). Paula’s is so popular they have four locations throughout the Buffalo area. Be sure to ask about their special made to order donuts, like cannoli or cookie-dough filled.

  • Peace, Love & Little Donuts-Also for the donut lovers out there… (you can’t have too many donuts!). This small chain is from Pittsburgh, PA, but they have a store in Buffalo. They have so many different toppings to try, and the best part is (because they’re small!) you can try a whole bunch of them!

Niagara Falls

Cave of the Winds

Maid of the Mist

It’s about a 30 min. drive from downtown Buffalo to Niagara Falls State Park (For the record, if you don’t want to pay the toll to cut across Grand Island, just hit the “avoid tolls” route and it will only add about a minute onto your trip).

Niagara Falls is the oldest state park in the country! It was established as a reservation in 1885, the first of several reservations acknowledged by the state. Eventually these reservations became known as state parks, and the NYS park system was born.

Over 3,000 tons of water flow over Niagara Falls every second! Though it is not the world’s tallest waterfall, it is certainly one of the largest in terms of sheer volume.

  • Don’t forget, you can easily walk across the bridge to Canada, so bring your passport!

  • Check out my full list of things to do in Niagara Falls (on both sides)!

Where to Eat in Niagara Falls

  • Tim Hortons-Can’t visit Canada and not get Tim Hortons…

  • Pack a picnic! If the weather is good, those no better place to eat in Niagara Falls than a picnic in the park.

  • Top of the Falls Restaurant-located near Terrapin Point on the US side of Niagara Falls. It is only opened during the regular tourist season (generally May-October).

  • Anchor Bar-If you’re going to Anchor Bar, you should probably go to the original location. But there is a location in Niagara Falls as well.

  • Clifton Hill-Area in Canada, as soon as you cross over the Rainbow Bridge, absolutely filled with everything touristy, including lots of restaurants (and yummy smells!).

North Tonawanda

In the afternoon, we’ll head over to North Tonawanda, a small town between Niagara Falls and Buffalo.

There is not a whole lot to do in North Tonawanda, but the downtown area is super cute, and it is here that you will find one of our favorite restaurants, and a very unique museum!

  • Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum-This small museum showcases how carousel animals were sculpted, painted and put together, and houses the only working Wurlitzer Music Roll equipment in existence (and use!) today. Be sure to end your visit with a ride on the 1916 carousel.

  • Dwyer’s Irish Pub-Their burgers are as big as your face (literally), and they’re cheap! Plus, the burgers are DELICIOUS!

Day 3-The National Comedy Center

Drive to Jamestown

This morning we will drive an hour and a half to Jamestown, NY, the birthplace of comedy (technically—the birthplace of Lucille Ball. Which also gives us claim to the birthplace of comedy).

Jamestown is a small city of about 30,000 people. It also happens to be the birthplace of… me!

  • There is a small toll on Interstate 90 from Buffalo to Jamestown. You can pay this either with an E-ZPass or you will get a bill in the mail.

What is Jamestown Known For?

Jamestown is actually known for a lot of things (surprising, since you probably don’t know it!).

  • Furniture-it was once the “furniture capital of the world.” Seriously. The WORLD.

  • Robert H. Jackson-the lawyer from Jamestown who presided over the Nuremberg War Trials. He also served on the Supreme Court during Brown v. Board. Possibly the best thing Jamestown’s ever produced.

  • 10,000 Maniacs-they sing that one song.

  • Roger Tory Peterson-he liked nature. And birds. In other words, he’s the “father of the modern field guide.”

  • Lucy! (and comedy)

  • Scary Lucy-that statue that went viral. Yeah, you can see it here.

Where to Stay in Jamestown

  • Double Tree by Hilton-The fancy place to stay right downtown. It’s perfectly convenient, has a nice restaurant, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about staying here. It’s just gonna cost a bit.

  • The Harbour Hotel-The most expensive, but absolutely beautiful place to stay, right on the lake. You can look out on the park in Celoron and imagine what it was like when Lucille Ball worked at a hot dog stand at the Celoron Amusement Park.

  • Holiday Inn Express-Just off the highway, this hotel is outside of the downtown area, but being a small town, is really not that far from anything.

The National Comedy Center

Personally, I think Jamestown has a lot to offer! So much history, beautiful downtown facades, lots of local stores… But let’s be real, the main attraction here is the National Comedy Center. It is by far one of the most entertaining museums I’ve ever been to!

Check out their events page and maybe plan your trip around the annual Lucy Fest, or catch a free outdoor movie night in the summer.

Other Things to Do in Jamestown

Where to Eat in Jamestown

These are some of the best local places to eat right in downtown. You can also check out my full list of all the great places to eat in Jamestown.

  • Crown St. Roasting Co.-Good for breakfast or lunch. Or just coffee. Also, just to clarify, this shop is on Third Street, NOT Crown Street!

  • Pace’s Pizzeria-Delicious local pizza shop right downtown.

  • Sauce-Also serving pizza (try the Butcher!). And spaghetti. And endless reruns of The Godfather. Beware their opening hours are very limited!

  • Labyrinth Press Co. & Brazil Lounge-For the vegans, the entrepreneurs, the cool kids, or my mom (yes, she likes hanging out here), they have a funky coffee shop and a wine lounge on one of the prettiest streets in town.

  • El Jarocho-One of many Mexican restaurants around, but I’ll list this one specifically here because it is conveniently located right downtown.

Day 4-Sprague's & Letchworth

This is best done in the fall, but would be good anytime of year.

Sprague’s Maple Farms is THE PLACE to get maple syrup! It’s an entire destination in itself.

And Letchworth State Park is the number state park in the country. So there’s that.

Drive to Olean

It’s just over an hour drive (no tolls!) from Jamestown to Sprague’s Maple Farms in Portville, NY (near Olean). If you want, take some time to explore the cute downtown area of Olean, and look around for all of the squirell statues.

Brunch at Sprague’s Maple Farms

We usually like to go for brunch on our way to Letchworth. They are famous for their maple syrup, but they also have a lunch and dinner menu, in addition to their popular breakfast menu.

When you arrive (no matter what time), there will probably be a line to wait in inside (especially if it’s a weekend). Don’t worry; the line will move quickly. While you’re waiting in line, you might even get to try a sample of their sweet maple popcorn.

Sprague’s is really a destination for the whole family. They have animatronic animals that pop up every once in a while during the meal. They have (real) animals outside on the grounds that you can visit. They have a playground and walking trails up to the sugar shack.

They also have seasonal activities. If you visit on a weekend during the fall, you can get a wagon ride up to the sugar shack, where they’ll be handing out free apple cider, apple cider chardonnay, and donuts (I do love donuts!).

Be sure to stop in the gift shop before you leave (actually you have to… to pay your bill #exitthroughthegiftshop) to pick up some maple syrup or maple sugar candy to take home.

Drive to Letchworth State Park

It’s another hour from Sprague’s onto Letchworth State Park.

There are 6 entrances to Letchworth. Coming from Sprague’s, you’ll be going to the Portageville entrance. If this entrance is temporarily closed, just follow the signs a little further up and to the right for the Castile entrance.

Letchworth is in the middle of nowhere, so there will not be a lot around. You can stay either in the bustling city (AKA tiny village) of Houghton, 15 minutes outside of the park, or you can splurge and stay at the beautiful inn on the grounds (if it’s in season).

The park is open all year round, but you will have to pay a $10 entrance fee if you come May-October between 9am-6pm. You can pay with either cash or credit card.

Please, please, please try to avoid coming on a weekend in the fall! It will be SO crowded!!! But that being said, Letchworth is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking, no matter the time of year, or even the number of crowds.

Things to Do in Letchworth

Where to Stay

  • The Inn at Houghton Creek-This cozy hotel is in Houghton, NY, just outside the entrance to Houghton University. It is very affordable, and located close to Letchworth State Park.

  • Glen Iris Inn-This beautiful inn is right in the heart of Letchworth State Park. It is open seasonally, from May-October. They also have several guest houses you can rent and a second lodge.

Where to Eat

  • Letchworth Pines-They have pizza, burgers, and daily specials including Mexican Mondays and Fish Fry Fridays. They even have live music, an arcade, and bowling.

  • 3 Bums Pizza-Don’t expect anything fancy here. The stark white walls make no difference, however, when you have a hankering for hot cheesy goodness. You will find delicious pizza and subs here, just down the street from Houghton University. Eat in or take out.

  • Ace’s Country Cupboard-A good old-fashioned country restaurant. Nothing fancy, but good, classic comfort food. If you are staying at the inn in Houghton, it’s just 15 minutes from there (which is as close as anything you’ll find to Houghton).

  • Caroline’s-The restaurant at the Glen Iris Inn in Letchworth State Park. It’s not cheap, but it is convenient and a nice experience to eat right in the park. Note that the inn and the restaurant are only open seasonally.

Day 5-Corning Museum of Glass

Drive to Corning

This morning we will drive an hour and fifteen minutes from Houghton to Corning, NY. There are no tolls on this drive.

What is Corning Known For?

  • Glass-First and foremost, Corning is known for glass. The Brooklyn Flint Glass Company moved from the NYC area to Corning, NY in 1868, and, after collaborating with Thomas Edison (yes, THAT Thomas Edison) on making glass light bulbs, became a leader in glass technology, while Corning became a hub for glass companies, thus earning the nickname “the Crystal City.”

    • Read more of the history of glass works in Corning.

  • Cute downtown-Corning holds the distinction of having one of the Top 10 Great Streets of the Year (Market St.) by the American Planning Association in 2013 and numerous accolades for Centerway Square as one of “America’s most beautiful town squares.” In fact, they even have voting open for the square in USA Today’s 2023 contest as I write this!

Where to Stay in Corning

  • Radisson-The beautiful Radisson hotel is right downtown in the Gaffer District, so you can easily walk out your door to the cute shopping/dining area. You can get a shuttle from the Gaffer District to CMoG, or walk from here to the museum.

  • Hilton Garden Inn-Just across from CMoG and close to all the downtown attractions is the Hilton Garden Inn in Corning.

  • Lodging at the Gaffer Inn-For a truly unique stay, this local hotel is housed above one of the local restaurants in the downtown Gaffer District.

  • Quality Inn-For a simple, affordable stay, this hotel is just a few minutes drive from the museum and the Gaffer District. This is where we stayed when we visited.

Corning Museum of Glass

I’ve known about Corning Museum of Glass (CMoG) pretty much my whole life, but as a kid (or a “wanna-be cool” teenager) I didn’t see the allure in a museum of glass objects. Luckily they put a giant Cinderella looking glass pumpkin (well, a picture of one) on a billboard on I-86. And I was hooked.

So we went to the museum to make said pumpkins, and wouldn’t you know it, glass is freakin’ cool! They have several different galleries, so you will see glass objects from ancient Egypt, amaaaazing paper weights, sciency glass, and some pretty funky modern art sculptures.

Be sure to check out their seasonal offerings in the make your own glass classes.

Other Things to Do in Corning

  • Eat, shop, and explore local in the Gaffer District.”

  • Try everything on the Chocolate Trail (it’s not all just eating chocolate)!

  • Visit The Rockwell Museum, the only Smithsonian affiliate in upstate NY. You’ll know it when you see the giant buffalo breaking out of the building (trust me, this will eventually make sense).

Where to Eat in Corning

There are tons of restaurants to choose from in the Gaffer District, so just stroll up and down the streets, maybe follow your nose a bit, and choose one.

Here are a few good options, if you need some help choosing:

  • The Cellar-It’s a little fancy, a little pricey, but they bring you a little tabletop campfire for their homemade s’mores (yes, even the graham crackers are homemade!), so how can you top that?

  • Mooney’s-Home of the mac ‘n cheese! Just try to enter by the people door, and not the leprechaun door… This is where we ate. They have 8 locations all across upstate NY (and a lot near Buffalo, if you want MORE mac ‘n cheese).

  • Burgers and Beer of Corning-This is the restaurant that the Gaffer Inn is above, so if you’re staying there, it’s a pretty easy commute to dinner (although do take some time to explore the rest of the downtown area).

Day 6-Watkins Glen & the Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes Welcome Center in Geneva, NY

Drive to Watkins Glen

It’s only a half hour drive from Corning to the tiny village of Watkins Glen, NY.

What is Watkins Glen Known For?

  • Racing-In 1948 Watkins Glen hosted an amateur race through the roads around town. The event grew in popularity, and ultimately became the Watkins Glen International race. You can plan your visit around a racing event, or stop by the International Motor Racing Research Center while you’re in town.

  • Watkins Glen State Park-This magical park is the reason we’re stopping in this town of 1800 people. It absolutely looks like something out of Lord of the Rings. And even though Letchworth claimed the #1 spot for the best state park in the country, this one comes in at a respectable #3!

Watkins Glen State Park


There is a $10 parking fee at Watkins Glen State Park in May through October (though the park is open all year). You can pay at the meter with cash or card (If you stay in Watkins Glen, you can easily walk from a hotel downtown to the entrance and avoid the parking fee).

The main attraction here is a hike through the Gorge Trail (open late May-mid to late October). The stunning walk will take you up approximately 500 ft. over the 1.5 mile trail. The most popular viewpoint is at the Rainbow Falls (pictured above). The trail is best done hiking up from the main entrance, where the waterfalls will be in front of you.

  • The shuttles run every weekend in May & June, and Sept. & Oct.

  • The shuttles run daily from the 4th of July-Labor Day.

Other Nearby Waterfalls

If you want, make a stop at some of these other nearby waterfalls too!

  • Aunt Sarah’s Falls

  • Deckertown Falls

  • Eagle Cliff Falls

  • Excelsior Glen

  • Shequaga Falls

Where to Eat in Watkins Glen

A picnic is always a good idea, but if you’re looking for something unique and local (or just need some food for your picnic) be sure to stop at the World’s Smallest Diner.

Drive to Geneva

So many Genevas!

Geneva, NY is the heart of the Finger Lakes region (FLX), and is one of my favorite places in the world! It’s a 40 minute drive along the beautiful (and trout filled!) Seneca Lake from Watkins Glen.

What is Geneva Known For?

  • Wineries-The FLX region is overflowing with wineries, and you will pass several (with some great views) on the way into Geneva. The hills and lakes of the area create ideal conditions for growing grapes, and led to the FLX being named the top wine region in USA Today in 2018.

  • Fishing-Seneca Lake (with Geneva at the northern end and Watkins Glen at the south) is known as the Trout Capital of the World! Every year they host the National Lake Trout Derby. You can participate from any part of the almost 40 mile lake.

Where to Stay in Geneva

  • 41 Lakefront Hotel-It’s a little expensive, but you can’t beat the location, right on the lake!

  • Geneva on the Lake-It’s a lot expensive, but if there was ever somewhere to splurge, this might be it…

  • Belhurst Castle-Possibly the most expensivest… but it’s a castle!

  • There are a lot of great Airbnbs in the area. My personal pick is this one.

Things to Do in Geneva

  • Start at the FLX Welcome Center. Find local wares, buy t-shirts that look like they have claw marks (it’s actually a drawing of the Finger Lakes…), and enjoy a bowl of ice cream by the lake.

  • Enjoy the lake! Walk around the park, rent a boat, or find a bench on the hill overlooking the lake to just relax.

  • Visit a winery (or two!). Or just get yourself some wine flavored ice cream (at the stand by the lake).

  • Relax and have a spa day at Belhurst Castle.

  • Tour the historic Rose Hill Mansion.

  • End your day with a show (or event) at the Smith Opera House.

Where to Eat in Geneva

  • I’m always touting a picnic in the park, but you really just can’t go wrong on a sunny day with a beautiful lake next to you (and a stand selling wine flavored ice cream).

  • Monaco’s Coffee-Cute little coffee shop downtown. Perfect to start your day.

  • Geneva Gelato-This cute cafe is part coffee shop, part ice cream parlour. And everyone raves about their ice cream (gelato).

  • Kindred Fare-A locally sourced, popular dinner spot.

  • F.L.X. Table-A unique dining experience, this restaurant believes in eating food together. The chef prepares a meal for 14-16 guests, right in front of them. Be sure to make reservations.

  • Belhurst Castle-They have two beautiful restaurants, both rather pricey (but one less so than the other), and a great way to see and experience the castle without the cost of staying at the castle!

Day 7-Rochester


Drive to Rochester

It’s about a 45 min. drive from Geneva to Rochester.

  • You will be on I-90 for part of the drive, and will have to pay a small toll.

What is Rochester Known For?

  • Kodak-Rochester is the home to the Eastman Kodak Company. It was one of the most popular camera and film development companies, and is still in existence today.

  • Wegmans-Ok, so if you haven’t visited a Wegmans yet during your road trip through western NY, now is the time to do it (though feel free to visit multiple times on your trip)! Started by John Wegman in 1916 as the “Rochester Fruit & Vegetable Company,” the grocery chain now has over 100 stores in the northeast. And apparently they get calls every day to open more (come for a visit and you’ll start calling them to put in a store near you!).

  • Flour & Flowers-Because of the river, many flour mills were built along it in the 1800s, giving Rochester the nickname “flour city.” Now, because of the lilacs, that’s been changed to the “flower city.”

  • Lilacs-Rochester has North America’s “largest collection of lilacs.” In otherwords, they have the most lilac bushes all in one place. Visit in May for the annual Lilac Festival.

Where to Stay in Rochester

Although it’s a bit more expensive, I would suggest staying at one of these hotels in downtown Rochester. We chose to stay at a more budget-friendly hotel near the airport, and had to keep driving back and forth into the city. It’s much nicer just to stay in the city.

  • Courtyard by Marriott-This is the perfect place to stay right downtown, and close to everything.

  • The Strathallan-If you’re looking for something a little more fancy, this boutique hotel is also right in downtown and pretty close to everything you’ll want to see.

  • Holiday Inn-This hotel is a little cheaper, but still close to downtown Rochester. It is just across the river from the main city center, and is in between High Falls and the Museum of Play.

Strong National Museum of Play

The Strong National Museum of Play is my number one thing to do in Rochester, and the main reason we’re stopping here! It began from the private collection of toys (hey, I still have some of my old toys too!) of philanthropist Margaret Woodbury Strong. The museum is now focused on the history of play, and I can attest that it is a great place to have fun for adults, as well as kids!

Other Things to Do in Rochester

  • See High Falls, the waterfall in the middle of the city.

  • Visit the Eastman Museum, the world’s oldest photography museum, housed on the estate of George Eastman. See old cameras, the most insane lenses ever, and discover why the Eastman Mansion is basically the epitome of the board game Clue.

  • Wander around Highland Park. This park hosts the famous lilac arboretum, a conservatory, and even a Scottish style castle!

  • Visit the Susan B. Anthony House & Museum, home of the famous women’s rights leader.

  • Explore nearby Pittsford, where you can stroll along or cruise down the Erie Canal, and shop at one of the world’s largest Wegmans.

Where to Eat in Rochester

  • Garbage Plate-Try the famous garbage plate while you’re in Rochester. Nick Tahou Hot’s has the original, but you can get one pretty much anywhere.

  • Dinosaur BBQ-Our local friends took us here when we came to visit. It was delicious, and very close to the Museum of Play.

  • Wegmans-They have a cafe area with pizza, subs, sushi, a coffee shop, a salad bar, and SO many options of prepared food that you can take and heat up right in their microwave right there! Some of the Wegmans in Rochester even have full-blown restaurants. Or you can just go shopping, because it is a grocery store, after all. Wegmans is the BEST.

  • Neighborhood of the Arts-This cute area of town (right by the Eastman Museum) is full of fun local restaurants to try out. Melo was recommended to us.

  • Genesee Brew House-One of the oldest breweries in the US. And it’s overlooking High Falls, the waterfall that runs right through the city.

Day 8-Back to Buffalo

For the final day of the trip, it is time to travel back to Buffalo. If you would like to spend more time in Buffalo, feel free to stay another night in the area.

Otherwise, you can fly out of Buffalo this afternoon. It is just over an hour drive from Rochester to the Buffalo Airport, where you can return your rental car and hop on your flight home (again…unless it’s winter. And you got snowed in…).

  • If you would rather spend the night before your flight in Buffalo instead of Rochester, you will have plenty of time to visit Rochester and then drive back to Buffalo that night (Day 7).

  • This route has a small toll on I-90.

But First… Breakfast:

If you have time, be sure to get breakfast at one of the many fantastic breakfast locations in Rochester!

Ready to explore New York (state, not city!)?

Check out my New York State Bucket List with all sorts of ideas of things to do across the whole state!

Any more questions?

Don’t hesitate to email me any questions you might have about planning a road trip from Buffalo through western NY.

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